International Catalogue - Book's Registration (PARTNERS)
Important T&C's: To apply for this service you must be a Partner. Click here to know more. Any request that is not from a registered Author will be rejected and refund (from September this service will have a differenciate on line access).

With this purchase you are requesting to include your book in Charlie's and its associates "International Catalogue".  Your registered books will benefit from the Extra Market Publishing Licence.

What is Charlie's International Catalogue? It is a unique opportunity for your Books and for you as an Author to be visible in Extra Markets such us Russia, Cina, India, Middle East and Africa.

How it works in brief:

  • The rights of your registered books will be owned by Charlie's and its associates, only for the distribution channels outside the standard once listed in our contracts as Associate and Partner, and only for the entire duration of the related contracts.
  • Depending on the status of the book and audiobook, Charlie will offer multiple services to support the improvment and the finishing of the opera, in order to achieve the best result possible for the targeted market.
  • Charlie will be in charge of Internationally promoting the books included in its catalogue by advertising them trough Socials Platforms, Multimedia and International Partner Agents.
  • Once the opera is ready and the rights are passed to Charlie trough the Associate or Partner contract, Charlie will assign an ISBN for each format of the book. The ISBN it is intended and it will remain always Charlie's property. In no case or situation the Author can use the ISBN for personal use and without prior written consent from Charlie or outside the scope of the Associate or Partner contract.

ISBN LEGALS - For more informations related to the ISBN structure, use and legal aspects plase check here: INSTRUCTIONS CUSTOMER SUPPORT ISBN

Please Note: 1 purchase is to be referred to 1 title and 1 format of the book.

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